The Art of Facilitation – Easter Weekend in Kloster Lehnin

From Friday, 22nd, to Monday, 25th of April, I am organizing a meeting for facilitators at the Institut für Kunst und Handwerk e.V. in Kloster Lehnin near Potsdam. (=> Dieser Beitrag auf deutsch)

Wooden stage at lake KlosterseeAt this beautiful and inspiring place at the lake Klostersee, we are going to use the energy and time to learn from each other, to try out new methods and to share best practices. This means, you will be both participant and trainer, and we are going to create the agenda all together.

This is how the program looks like:


Friday, 22.04.
from 3pm      Arrival, check-in, coffee and cake
6pm               Guided tour at the institute area
7pm               Dinner
8pm               Welcome and warm-up
8:30pm         Introduction and agenda setting for Sat+Sun.*
app. 10pm    Good night program*

Saturday, 23.04.
8am      Wake-up exercise*
9am      Breakfast
10am    Session 1*
11am    Break
11:30   Session 2*
1pm     Lunch
2pm    Excursion to the Kloster Lehnin monastry, guided tour and coffee available
4pm    Session 3*
5pm     Break
5:30    Session 4*
8pm    Dinner
9pm    Day feedback and next day preview
app. 10pm Good night program*

Sunday, 24.04.
8am    Easter egg hunt
9am    Breakfast
10am    Market place: Eggs for knowledge
11:30    Session 5*
1pm    Lunch
2pm    Energizer*
2:30    Session 6*
3:30    1:1 Dating & Coaching
8pm    Dinner
9pm    Day feedback, logistics
app. 10pm Good night program*

Monday, 25.04.
8am    Wake-up exercise*
9am    Breakfast
10am  Wrap-up
10:30  Bag packing and check-out
app. 11am Departure

*The agenda items marked with a star (*) will be designed by you, i.e. they will be filled with the contents that you would like to offer. We will do the allocation of your topics to the time slots on Friday at 8:30pm. At good weather, the sessions will take place outside if possible.

Topics and Contents

Topics offered – these are the sessions offered by the registered participants so far – to be continued:

  • Action Art – „Soul and Peace“ or „Be wild like a child“. Support to discover and live your creativity!
  • Design Thinking
  • Vision Talk
  • Appreciative Reflection
  • Wellness and Meditation – training for body, mind and soul

Wishes – these topics are on the participants‘ wishlist – please consider offering one of them:

  • Systemic Facilitation, Systemic Coaching
  • Psychodrama
  • Appreciated Dialogues

boat rental at KlosterseeRecreational activities
All agenda items are optional, i.e. you can design you own program at any time. You can rent a boat from the Gästehaus (guest house), you can walk around the lake or to the surroundings, or you can rent a bike at the village. Many beautiful sites are also reachable by car, e.g. a bird sanctuary and several museums, see:

The gathering is offered to you in the spirit of giving and sharing. Therefore, you will only pay for accomodation, food and material and for the guided tours at the institute and at the monastry. Please calculate with a total cost of about 220,- Euro which you will pay directly to the Gästehaus (guest house). You can find details in the Gästehaus’s price list (in German).

Cost example: Assuming arrival and departure at the scheduled times, the cost for accomodation and food will be: for a double room 3*55,- = 165,- Euro, for a single room: 3*65,- = 195,- Euro (full board residential). Guided tours: 2,50 + 4,50 = 7,- Euro + workshop material contribution + extra drinks.

Please send me an email with you contact details – name, address, phone number – and the topic (your best practice method, name of the session) that you want to offer. You can also include wishes for topics that you are interested in (best practices from others): antje.berheide (at)

Accomodation and food
Please book your accomodation and food directly at the Gästehaus – key word „Easter at the lake (Ostern am See)“. The reception is open from 10am to 2pm:
Inspiration at the lakeGästehaus am Klostersee GmbH
Am Klostersee 12 b
14797 Kloster Lehnin
Reception: Dr. Gisela Schneider
Phone: +49- (0) 3382.73 41 20
Phone: +49- (0) 3382.73 41 00
Fax: +49-(0) 3382.73 41 21

Pictures, venue, map, logistics etc.:

Please bring with you

  • your experience and favorite methods,
  • physical tools, materials, books, business cards, brochures,
  • a beamer, if you have one, for backup (in case the institute beamer strikes),
  • a bag with easter eggs and/or easter presents (value around 10 Euro),
  • easter egg basket to collect easter eggs,
  • robust shoes/brogues for walking in the nature,
  • music instruments for the evening and spare time,
  • warm jacket, pullover, socks, cuddly blanket,
  • bathing suit,
  • if you are interested in nature and animals you should bring binoculars.
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4 Antworten zu The Art of Facilitation – Easter Weekend in Kloster Lehnin

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  2. Frauke schreibt:

    Dear Antje,
    I will be at the Youth Initiative Forum in Sweden on that week-end. Meeting with other global social innovation educators: But I will spread the word…

  3. Sonja Eigenbrod schreibt:

    Liebe Antja,

    ich freue mich sehr, dass wir uns begegnet sind und ich gebe gerne rechtzeitig bekannt, ob ich mit Tulayoga, Massage oder Yoga beitragen werde.

    herzliche Grüße aus Berlin
    Sonja Eigenbrod

    embody your spirit ~ mind your body

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